Current Legislative activity


2018-19 session LSR titles as of 12-06-18


LSR number HB/SB/


Title and Sponsor
2019-0011 HB Title:  establishing a housing appeals board within the judicial branch

Sponsor: Lynne Ober

2019-0023 HB Title:  relative to the mechanical licensing board

Sponsor:  Carol McGuire

2019-0053 HB Title:  repealing the licensing requirement for open-air shows and repealing the laws related to the keeping of billiard tables

Sponsor:  Brandon Phinney

2019-0064 HB Title:  increasing the maximum period for the zoning board of adjustment to hold a public hearing

Sponsor:  Suzanne Gottling

2019-0087 HB Title:  relative to the definition of “agriculture”

Sponsor:  John O’Connor

2019-0112 HB Title:  prohibiting a public official from contracting out his or her duties

Sponsor:  Richard Marple

2019-0167 HB Title:  relative to the accountability of public officials

Sponsor:  Richard Marple

2019-0229 HB Title:  relative to posting requirements on buildings constructed with materials containing asbestos

Sponsor:  Max Abramson

2019-0268 HB Title:  relative to the planning board’s procedures on plats

Sponsor: John O’Connor

2019-0269 HB Title:  relative to adoption of state building code and fire code amendments

Sponsor:  Carol McGuire

2019-0284 HB Title:  relative to child day care agencies compliance with local codes

Sponsor:  Rebecca McWilliams

2019-0304 HB Title:  relative to the definitions of the state building code

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0315 HB Title:  relative to licensing requirements for septic system evaluators

Sponsor:  Andrew Renzullo

2019-0359 HB Title:  relative to fire procedures governing structures with 3 or fewer apartments

Sponsor:  William Hatch

2019-0366 HB Title:  clarifying change of use occupancy classifications

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0367 HB Title:  relative to building code requirements for properties with a current certificate of occupancy

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0368 HB Title:  relative to building code violations

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0369 HB Title:  relative to certification of code compliance officers

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0370 HB Title:  requiring code compliance inspection for building permits

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0400 HB Title:  relative to licensure of power-limited electrical installers

Sponsor:  Steven Beaudoin

2019-0465 HB Title:  relative to zoning ordinances for formula businesses

Sponsor:   Ivy Vann

2019-0467 HB Title:  relative to the state building code

Sponsor:   Rebecca McWilliams

2019-0483 HB Title:  relative to tiny houses

Sponsor:   Dave Testerman

2019-0591 HB Title:  relative to payment of membership dues for professional organizations on behalf of employees of municipalities and school districts

Sponsor:   Kevin Verville

2019-0634 SB Title:  relative to third party inspections conducted pursuant to a planning board approval

Sponsor:   Jay Kahn

2019-0660 HB Title:  relative to application of the state fire code to foster homes

Sponsor:   Sean Morrison

2019-0722 HB Title:  relative to testing wells before issuing a certificate of occupancy

Sponsor:   Kathryn Stack

2019-0798 HB Title:  regulating disorderly houses

Sponsor:   Edward Butler