NHBOA offers monthly training and education throughout the year.

A typical monthly training provides 3 hours of educational time from a qualified presenter. Several months each year we provide an 6 hour day of training, typically from an ICC instructor. 

Please see below for current and upcoming events and the “ARCHIVE OF TRAINING MATERIALS” sub-menu (Members Only) for past training materials.


NOTE: Training in September is at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers!

Materials for July 12, 2017 Training

RSA 125-R Outdoor Wood Fired Hydronic Heaters

Political signs

RSA 664:17

Agricultural uses

RSA 674:32-a   RSA 674:32-b      RSA 674:32-c   RSA 674:32-d

Accessory Dwelling Units 

RSA 674:71  RSA 674:72  RSA 674:73


July 11 2017 PEMB Seminar Invitation Flier

Materials for the June 14 2017 training:

NHBOA modular structures – Whose Authority

 current list of certified 3rd party agencies
current list of modular manufacturers

Wood Roof Truss Review & Inspection Slides


Free online training for IRC flood provisions


If you would like us to have training on a particular subject please email NHBOA Thank you.