NHBOA External Training Expense Reimbursement

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Reimbursement Application Form


The purpose of the NHBOA reimbursement program is to provide a source of funding to assist an Active member of the New Hampshire Building Officials Association to achieve ICC certifications, participate in training beyond programs offered by NHBOA and attend training conferences or to attend the annual ICC Annual Business Meeting (ABM) and Code Hearings. The recipient, upon providing sufficient proof, will receive reimbursement to assist paying for the cost of successfully passing a certification exam, attendance at training conference or attendance at the ICC – ABM. This expense reimbursement program will be offered provided funds are available.


Applicant must:

  • Be an Active member in good standing of the New Hampshire Building Officials Association.
  • Be a chapter member in good standing of ICC (member # required below).
  • Have initial funding sources to cover the full cost of the exam, training conference or ABM/Hearings.

Reimbursement Authorization Form

The New Hampshire Building Officials Association authorizes the following disbursement of funds: